• Customer’s right protection law
      Keyword: customer,producer,Organization,Customer’s right protection law
      Chapter one : definitions
      Chapter two: supplier duties
      Chapter three: establishment of protection councils
      Chapter four: manner of administrating and supporting a case
      Chapter five: fines and punishments


      1.Customer’s rights protection law

      Chapter one: definitions

      Article 1 – definitions

      11. Customer: each real or legal person who purchases a goods or a service.

      12. Goods and services suppliers: all producers, importers, distributers, sellers,

      presenters of services concerning technical and professional services and all organizations, foundations and companies which are mentioned clearly by their exact name and present, directly or either indirectly, goods or services

      13. Guaranty of goods or services: this is a document that a producer, importer, presenter or repairman of any kind of technical machine gives to a purchaser or somebody who place an order for goods or services, to be informed in case of any defect or technical deficiency within an appointed time in order to repair or exchange, a damaged piece or pieces or a whole machine, without any charge or reimburse the damage.

      14. Damage: it means an excess, defect or transformation which reduces the

      economical value of goods or a service.

      15. Collusion : any kind of settlement and exchange between presenters of goods and services in order to increase the cost or reduce the quality or restrict the producing or presenting goods and services or modulation of unfair situations according to common law of transaction.

      16. Sale bill: this is a document in which the characteristics of a goods or a service with specification of cost, date and scale of case of the transaction is written.

      Note: concerning those services which present in form of a ticket or a receipt, the ticket or the receipt is sentenced as a sale bill in which the information of use and quality and quantity characteristics and cost calculation method should be written clearly.


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