• Deputy of Training, Research and Technology

      Research and technology are among the most significant elements of industrial development and subsequently economic development in countries. Sustainable are the economies founded on knowledge. Therefore and due to the necessity of boosting the role of knowledge, research and technology and innovation in the value-added of the industry, mine and trade sectors, enhancing the status of education and research and technology within the framework of the “Office of Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade for Education, Research and Technology” was deemed as a clear-cut necessity.

      The Office of Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade for Education, Research and Technology was established in February 2014 following structural changes in the Office of Deputy Minister for the Development of Information Technology and E-commerce with the goal of paying attention to professional training required by the industry, mine and trade sector.

      The most significant tasks assigned to this Office are as follows:

       1.     Development of applied research focused upon the resolution of issues related to production, service provision and commercial enterprises with the objective of boosting quality, cutting prices, expanding the market and reducing dependence on foreign entities;

      2.     Laying the foundation for the development of new technologies and their application in modern industries like nano and biotechnology, biomaterials, electronics and telecommunications, IT and renewable energies, etc.;

      3.     Helping establishment of and supporting knowledge-based companies, planning and implementation of incentive and supportive mechanisms for the commercialization of research and technological achievements of the country.


       1.    Center for E-Commerce Development;

      2.     Institute for Trade Studies and Research;

      3.     Electronics Support Fund for Research and Development;

      4.     University of Industry and Mines.

        Sub-offices working under authority of the Office of Deputy Minister for Education, Research and Technology

       1.     Office for Education and Research;

      2.     Office for Development of Technology and Advanced Industries;

      3.     Office for Development and Application of IT;

      4.     Center for Modern Industries Projects.

        Sub-office Units


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      Development of Technology and Advanced Industries

      (+98-21) 85193551

      (+98-21) 88961016

      IT Development and Use 

      (+98-21) 85193551

      (+98-21) 88969553

      Education and Research 

      (+98-21) 85193451

      (+98-21) 88960467

      Supporting Industrial Ownership







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