• IT Development and Use

      IT Development and Use

      As a modern technology for development, Information Technology (IT) is affecting human life at a rapid pace and is changing roles and methods significantly. The changes emanating from the application of a variety of hardware and software used in different social and economic fields could be managed only with the same technology. That could in turn give rise to new changes, new uses and new needs. This infinite cycle has been the source of innovations, improvements as well as development and lifestyle changes and human exaltation.

      IT industry consists of applying “the development process of new technology-product- service” for the purpose of transforming IT ideas to standard and high-quality technologies, products or services in such a way that application of the final technology, product or service would generate direct or indirect added value for consumers with applicability proven in rapidity, precision, privacy protection, systematic transparency, quality enhancement, cost effectiveness, high efficiency, increased efficacy, increased productivity and enhanced business.

      On the one hand, as IT uses and services in the industry, mine and trade sector expand, the effect of these uses and services on national development come to the fore further day from day. Without doubt, in order to achieve national development, IT is instrumental in all aspects including infrastructure, logistics, facilitation, acceleration and precision.


      On the other hand, setting up innovative projects and applying IT in education and research centers with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the industry, mine and trade sector, narrowing digital divide, and the formation of new forms of economy (Internet economy and webonomics) can transform the industry, mine and trade sector.  

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