• Education and Research

      Education and Research

      Description of Main Responsibilities and Missions 


      1.     Formulating policies and executive plans and determining developmental priorities in the fields of education, research, engineering services and productivity;

      2.     Conducting strategic studies, futurology and futurography in all fields related to the activities of the Office;

      3.     Policymaking and planning for centralized and integrated management of activities pertaining to the Office;

      4.     Establishing necessary mechanisms for quantitative and qualitative development of research centers and development of manufacturing units, industrial, mining and trade research centers, professional training and applied scientific centers, technical and engineering units and corresponding bodies;

      5.     Policymaking and developing operational programs for supporting the practicality of research studies with the purpose of meeting the sector’s requirements;

      6.     Preparing the ground for effective communication between research and development units, professional training and applied scientific centers as well as technical and engineering units;

      7.     Coordination and taking necessary measures for research activities based on the needs of the sector in the light of policies and priorities determined by the High Council of Science, Research and Technology (ATF) and the Office of Vice-President for Science and Technology;

      8.     Designing and applying incentive and motivational mechanisms for improving the competitiveness indices of manufacturing and business agencies in relevant sectors;

      9.     Policymaking and planning for financing practical and developmental research studies related to the sector and commercialization of the achievements;

      10.       Policymaking and planning for organizing research, training, and engineering services structures and activities, and supporting innovations initiated by the sector investors and inventors;

      11.       Policymaking and planning for tailoring and improving the sector’s HR pyramid (knowledge-skill) in the light of macro objectives and policies formulated to maintain communication with universities for the purpose of boosting the capabilities of manpower in the production and trade enterprises and enhancing the effectiveness of activities;

      12.       Need analysis and standardization of vocational education for the sector;

      13.       Policymaking and planning for the development of entrepreneurship enculturation;

      14.       Policymaking for the purpose of interaction with the national educational and research institutes, and bodies with a view to making research studies as well as academic, scientific, practical and skill-related studies demand-oriented;

      15.       Policymaking and planning for the optimal exploitation of resources and potentialities with the objective of improving productivity for the economic growth in the sector;

      16.       Contributing to the formulation of and paving the ground for the implementation of and supervision on the sector’s comprehensive system of productivity enhancement;

      17.       Policymaking and supporting the establishment of engineering companies and productivity enhancement consultation groups, in addition to the development of the productivity expert database and network in the sector;

      18.       Policymaking and supporting the establishment of industrial engineering system;

      19.       Monitoring and analysis of activities pertaining to training, research, engineering services and productivity with a view to increasing the effectiveness and competitiveness of the sector;

      20.       Studying and supervising projects related to research, training and engineering services and the productivity of the sector in Ministry affiliated organizations, plans, funds and institutes;

      21.       Broadening communication and interaction within and beyond the sector, and on the international scale in the relevant fields of activity of the Office;

      22.       Evaluation and review of the laws, regulations and instructions related to the activities of the Office and their facilitation and, if necessary, suggesting effective laws and instructions;

      23.       Setting up and developing integrative databanks and systems in the fields pertaining to the Office;

      24.       Supporting, contributing to and coordinating the organization of relevant seminars, conferences and exhibitions; and

      25.       Publishing the results of achievements related to education, research and technology, productivity and engineering services.




      • ·        Educational Policymaking and Planning Group;
      • ·        Research Policymaking and Planning Group;
      • ·        Productivity Assessment and Enhancement Group.

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