• Deputy Minister for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

      Deputy Minister for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

      Description of Responsibilities and Missions


      ·  Examining and assessing legal bills, resolutions and statutes related to the Ministry, relevant institutes, centers and companies;

      ·  Studying and legal analysis of conclusion of contracts with institutes and people with the goal of complying with the rules and regulations, in line with the expediencies and interests of the Ministry;

      ·  Participating in international lawsuit sessions related to the Ministry and affiliated organizations and companies;

      ·  Developing close ties with the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) and taking part in relevant parliamentary committee sessions with the purpose of disclosing policies, activities and policies of the Ministry and relevant institutes;

      ·  Following up on the Ministry’s proposed plans and bills to Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) and taking part in relevant committees’ sessions if deemed necessary;

      ·  Following up on public hearings of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) and briefing relevant units of the Ministry on questions, notices and guidance offered by the members of parliament regarding plans, programs and budget allocation and other issues related to domestic commerce and providing pertinent answers on time;

      ·  Dealing with financial and staff issues and problems in provincial trade organizations and carrying out necessary measures for their resolution;

      ·  Studying and examining plans presented by provincial trade organizations and suggesting appropriate methods for their effective implementation in coordination with relevant bodies;

      ·  Undertaking necessary measures to provide the required space and venue and reconstructing administrative buildings related to the Ministry.


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