• Legal Affairs Administrative Office

      Legal Affairs Administrative Office


      The Legal Affairs Administrative Office is a specialized unit within the office of Deputy Minister for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. This administration is mainly tasked with filing lawsuits and handling cases against administrative bodies and providing legal services. This administration is influential with regard to all executive decisions made by senior and mid-ranking managers at the Ministry and relevant organizations, companies and organs by offering views, guidance, consultation and legal viewpoints.

      Description of Tasks

       A Laws, Bills and Inquiries

      Disputes and Judicial Affairs


      Obligations and Contracts

      D Estate and Registration Affairs


      a.     Laws, Bills and Inquiries


      1.     Examining, formulating, endorsing and analyzing draft bills, plans or decisions envisaged by the Ministry;

      2.     Responding to legal inquiries filed by relevant organs, institutes and suboffices and providing legal support for them in case of conflict and ambiguity in interpretation or enforcement of rules and regulations;

      3.     Examining and analyzing directives, instructions, regulations, articles of organization and other documents on the part of the Ministry and relevant organs;

      4.     Handling affairs related to notification of enforceable laws and decisions made by the Cabinet and other executive regulations related to suboffices;

      5.     Responding to reports submitted by supervisory bodies including the State Inspectorate, the Audit Court and the Article 90 Committee of the Iranian parliament etc., in coordination with relevant bodies;

      6.     Compliance with the Board of Minister’s Decision No. 335T/16104 dated July 30, 1987 on handling all affairs related to arbitration and settlement of disputes with other organizations, bodies, and ministries;

      7.     Providing judicial support for the Ministry staff in compliance with the law on judicial protection for civil servants and military staff adopted in 1997;

      8.     Preparing legal reports as instructed by the highest Ministry official, his/her deputies and other relevant authorities and providing consultation on all legal and judicial issues of the Ministry and its relevant bodies;

      9.     Compiling,  formulating and revising rules and regulations of the Ministry and informing relevant bodies about them;

      10.       Participation in the sessions of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and various parliamentary committees’ meetings and government sessions as the case arises and upon invitation from the aforesaid bodies;

      11.       Holding informative meetings and consultation with managers and heads of offices and experts specialized in legal affairs related to the administrative system;

      12.       Fulfilling other obligations assigned to the Legal Affairs Administration by the offices of deputy ministers and the Minister as the case arises.



      b.    Disputes and Judicial Affairs



      1.     Coordination and handling legal affairs of affiliated ministerial bodies and dealing with disputes between affiliated agencies from the standpoint of overlapping of legal tasks and interpretation of rules and regulations and their execution as well as dealing with financial and contractual disputes and providing specific legal solutions for the settlement of disputes and undertaking necessary measures to that effect;

      2.     Follow-up and adoption of necessary measures for laws and documents binding for and against the administration and following up the implementation of resolution opinions on legal disputes between executive bodies;

      3.  Defending directives, instructions and resolutions of the Ministry before the Administrative Court, supervisory bodies and other relevant organs;

      4.     Providing necessary cooperation with regard to complaints filed by nongovernmental natural and legal persons against the Ministry;

      5.     Filing lawsuits for or against the Ministry lodged at courts of common pleas and revolutionary court;

      6.     Drafting letters of complaint and presenting defense sheet in response to legal actions and claims filed with the Administrative Court, dispute settlement authorities and other legal bodies;

      7.     Appointing a legal representative to attend court sessions and meetings of committees, assemblies and boards to adopt position within the framework of legal duties and powers;

      8.     Organizing the Ministry’s claims and arbitrations and reporting them.



      c.      Obligations and Contracts



      1.   Formulating and/or endorsing contracts required by suboffices and responding to relevant inquiries;

      2.     Drafting agreements often used by the Ministry in compliance with regulations and upon the assignment by relevant bodies;

      3.     Collecting debts pertaining to the Ministry’s obligations and agreements.



      d.    Estate and Registration Affairs



      1.    Cooperation in all affairs related to the registration of movable and immovable properties in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and in coordination with the Office of Vice-President for Legal Affairs;

      2. Cooperation in the establishment of an estate databank for both registered and unregistered properties

      3. Dealing with and being accountable for all affairs related to estate and registration disputes.



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