• Parliamentary Affairs Administration Office

      Parliamentary Affairs Administration Office

        Task Description for Parliamentary Affairs Administration Office

       1. Establishing good communication with the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) about the activities of different sectors of the Ministry;

      2. Preparing reports, examining and following up parliamentary deliberations in public hearings and briefing relevant ministerial bodies on questions and notices and viewpoints and guidance provided by the members of parliament about all affairs pertaining to industry, mine and trade sector;

      3. Briefing all subsectors of the Ministry on viewpoints of the deputies of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) with regard to all issues pertaining to the Ministry;

      4. Following up on the Ministry’s motions and proposals at the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament);

      5. Providing necessary information and statistics to the members of parliament and different parliamentary committees in coordination with different sections of the ministry;

      6. Collecting and formulating periodical reports about the Ministry’s performance to be presented to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Office of Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs, etc;

      7. Participation in the Islamic Consultative Assembly committees’ meetings along with relevant deputies if necessary;

      8. Compiling views of the Ministry officials about bills and plans in question and informing relevant parliamentary committees accordingly through the Office of Deputy Minister for Coordination and Parliamentary Affairs;

      9.  Providing answers to the questions, criticisms, notices and letters from the members of parliament and parliamentary committees in cooperation with the Ministry’s relevant bodies;

      10. Making necessary coordination with provincial industry, mine and trade organizations in order to resolve possible issues and problems and guiding relevant officials as on how to improve current affairs.

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