• Supervision on Mining Affairs

      Supervision on Mining Affairs

      Description of Tasks

       1. Enforcing policies and formulating indices and standards as well as technical and safety instructions for mines and mining industries with the objective of supervision on and the assessment of these units in terms of technical, safety and health principles;

      2. Ongoing supervision on the process of exploiting mines and mining industries for measuring conformity of operations based on instructions as well as relevant technical criteria and standards;

      3. Steering, inspecting, assessing and precise control of occupational safety and health in mines and mining industries;

      4. Supervising the performance of technicians of relevant units and taking advantage of the services of supervising engineers within the framework of the country’s mining engineering law pertaining to the technical and safety affairs of mines and mining industries;

      5. Evaluating the performance of provincial organizations and other suboffices based on the technical indices and instructions from technical and safety aspects of mines and mining industries;

      6. Cooperating with relevant organs and organizations in the field of occupational safety and health of mining units and undertaking necessary measures within the framework of relevant rules and regulations;

      7. Supervising the process of attracting technical-credit assistance and banking facilities by mining units;

      8. Analyzing and studying the process of technical, credit and health affairs, collecting and sharing experiences, applying new methods and instruments for technical and safety purposes in mines and mining industries;

      9. Communicating and cooperating with scientific, research and specialized organizations, hiring experts as well as conducting applied research and studies pertaining to technical, safety and health affairs of mines and mining industries in the light of priorities;

      10. Defining necessary indices for selecting exemplary mining units and working out supportive-incentive mechanisms for model producers and commissioners of mines and mining industries;

      11.  Examining and issuing employment certificate for natural and legal persons involved in mines and mining industries;

      12. Supervising the performance of provincial engineering councils and submitting the report to related relevant boards;

      13.  Applying policies and examining the qualifications related to employment certificates issued to natural and legal persons;

      14. Examining proposals offered by Iran Construction Engineering Organization and instructions related to the engineering bylaws;

      15. Compiling and formulating instructions related to the engineering bylaws and offering proposals;

      16. Holding general and specialized tests and announcing results and the names of accepted candidates;

      17. Compiling and suggesting principles for Article 32 of the law and relevant bylaws and ensuring the enforcement of approved principles and regulations;

      18. Examining and studying identified zones and relevant technical affairs of mining activities requiring operation certificate;

      19.  Fulfilling obligations and implementing policies and strategies of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for enforcing mining engineering law;

      20. Studying and examining with the purpose of policymaking, and optimal exploitation of mines including preparations and equipment;

      21.  Compiling and formulating instructions, criteria and indices for exploiting mines;

      22.  Conducting necessary studies to develop modern trade methods, to make preparations, equip and exploit mines, to transfer minerals and to offer technical-expert services to mine exploiters;

      23. Analyzing the historic trend of exploiting mines and determining chokepoints and their prioritization for enhancing productivity and efficiency;

      24.  Applying necessary policies related to the method of issuance, extension, adaptation and transfer of exploitation licenses, and issuing permits for mining operations and issues pertaining to disqualification of mine exploiters and license owners;

      25.  Conducting technical studies and examination to define principles of policymaking for the supply and consumption of raw materials required for the mining industries and achieving the highest added value for the minerals;

      26. Cooperating with the Office of Statistics and Data Processing for setting up databases and references, archives and technical documents and setting up databank for experts and companies specializing in mine exploitation;

      27. Cooperating for developing and controlling environmental relationships in mines;

      28. Providing the necessary ground for the formation of industrial groups of mine exploiters with a view to privatization, decentralization and delegation of necessary powers to the aforesaid groups;

      29. Collecting and combining information about the performance of provincial mining units particularly with regard to government revenues from these mines and examining methods of calculation for the unified enforcement of relevant rules and regulations;

      30.  Conducting necessary studies and examinations for the revival of abandoned mines and recycling useful mining waste;

      31. Conducting necessary examinations and studies for organizing mining limits in order to secure more investment in mines;

      32. Cooperating in the formulation of short-term, mid-term and long-term plans for exploiting mines within the framework of the national economic policies;

      33. Effective cooperation in and contribution to the formulation of a strategy for the production of minerals in the country;

      34. Studying and analyzing the feasibility of projects considered for the attraction of investment in big mines and making preparations for  issuing operation permits;

      35. Regulating and supplying the necessities, mining equipments and machineries in line with articles 54 and 55 of the Executive Bylaw of the Mine Law;

      36. Cooperating and communicating with suboffices of the Office of Deputy Minister for Economy and International Affairs to boost awareness and obtain information on the exploitation of mines in foreign countries and production of minerals in order to examine existing grounds for competition and export of minerals;

      37. Technical and expert cooperation with the Mining Engineering Organization and Mining Activities Investment Insurance Fund for enforcing articles 31 and 37 of the Mine Law;

      38. Contributing to the compilation and formulation of necessary regulations for examining contracts with foreign countries on the exploitation of mines and preparing the ground for the transfer of technology and benefiting from technical and engineering services offered by foreign experts.


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