• Exploration


       Description of Tasks

       1. National policymaking and planning for all affairs related to developing mineral explorations within the framework of the general policies of the industry and mine sector;

      2. Budgeting proposal and formulating short-term, mid-term and long-term strategies for mine exploration within the framework of the country’s policies and for the purpose of striking balance between the mine sector’s plans and plans made by other economic sectors;

      3. Application of policies, planning, supervision, steering, inspection and continued control over the process of mineral exploration by state-run and private organizations and companies in order to measure compliance with technical criteria and standards, policies and endorsed plans;

      4.  Conducting necessary studies and assessments for the institutionalization of modern methods of exploration in the country as well as offering technical services to mineral explorers and reducing exploration risks while preparing the ground for the empowerment and extensive contribution of the private sector to exploration activities;

      5. Conducting examinations as well as implementing and supervising the arrangement of exploration zones in the country;

      6. Applying necessary policies for awarding exploration projects, issuing, extending, adapting and transferring exploration permits and examining the potential of minerals for fueling national and district development;

      7. Making policies to boost the capacity for exploring minerals, developing human resources and establishing exploration companies with the purpose of upgrading exploration technology capabilities in the country;

      8. Contribution to formulating and preparing necessary regulations to examine proposals pertaining to the attraction of foreign investment and conclusion of mine exploration contracts signed with foreign countries, facilitating transfer of technology and using cutting-edge technologies offered by foreign companies and experts;

      9. Formulating instructions and conditions for the attraction of credit and facilities for mineral exploration by relevant units and offering financial and credit facilities as well as technical and expert cooperation in collaboration with Mining Activities Investment Insurance Fund for the fulfillment of assigned tasks with a view to supporting exploration activities in the country;

      10.  Assessing the final report on mineral exploration operations and endorsing reports on exploration feasibility for attracting investment and awarding exploration projects;

      11. Effective contribution to formulating strategy and regulations for the criteria and instructions related to the mineral exploration sector;

      12. Initiating a databank of mine projects in order to register exploration and mining zones by taking advantage of the latest geographic data system;

      13. Determining assessment indices in order to choose and encourage model exploration units;

      14. Conducting research projects as well as feasibility studies and providing specialized exploration training in cooperation with universities and research centers in the country;

      15. Benefiting from the services of Iran Mine Engineering Organization regarding supervision and control over exploration operations;

      16. Cooperating in the formulation and implementation of Internet registration system (mechanized registration system) for mine exploration projects and their arrangement;

      17. Proposing indices as well as gathering and combining data collected from provincial mine exploration projects and offering necessary proposals for coordination in the implementation of rules and regulations related to mineral exploration;

      18. Interaction with relevant organs and organizations within the framework of the law.


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