• Mining Industries

      Mining Industries

      Description of Tasks

       1. Expressing views on the consumption of covered commodities with an eye to restoration of customs duties exacted by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration;

      2. Examination and expression of views about the facilities required by relevant production units;

      3. Participation in examining and expressing views about decisions taken by the market regulation body in line with the government’s policies;

      4. Cooperating in and contributing to the drafting of regulations for exports and imports with regard to commodity tariffs;

      5.  Examining and proposing export duties based on the latest commodity trading conditions;

      6. Formulating and specifying appropriate custom tariffs on both periodic and casual bases in order to make domestic products competitive and provide reasonable support for them;

      7. Following up on the implementation of reconstruction and renovation projects for relevant industries and offering solutions, proposals and instructions to that effect;

      8. Cooperation in and contribution to the drafting of bills, executive bylaws and regulations related to mining industries;

      9. Inviting and encouraging relevant specialized organs to cooperate in the formulation of plans and supportive policies for the industry sector and providing consultation in this regard;

      10. Analyzing industrial statistics and data and introducing them to relevant and competent organs;

      11. Providing necessary proposals for facilitating applied research activities along with necessary examinations and studies in order to boost the competitive capability of production in the relevant industries;

      12. Cooperating in study and identification of regulations and rules which are not compatible with the requirements of competition as well as suggesting the approval of rules and regulations compatible with competition and facilitating production and industrial affairs;

      13. Contributing to the formulation of industrial development strategies and offering necessary proposals for mid-term and long-term plans of relevant industries;

      14. Contributing to the formulation of different instructions, including the issuance of operation permits and, if need be, issuance of import and export permits or issuance of permits which the Ministry is qualified to issue;

      15. Supervising, monitoring and making necessary preparations for the timely fulfillment of obligations arising from manufacturing and supply of strategic mining industry commodities;

      16. Cooperating with the Iranian National Standards Organization and other relevant organs for formulating or revising the necessary standards (related to quality, environment, health and management);

      17. Following up on the provision of necessary industrial facilities for the development and operation of mining industry units and resolving their problems;

      18. Expressing views on banning import of commodities in the light of domestic production and local facilities;

      19. Contributing to the compilation and formulation of necessary regulations in order to examine mining industry agreements reached with other countries on the transfer of technology;

      20. Encouraging and inviting relevant specialized organs to help establish holding companies in the field of exports;

      21. Examining the problems and issues of relevant manufacturing units regarding subsidy regulation and offering solutions for tackling their problems;

      22. Study and examination of the status of mineral processing equipment and machinery in the light of the Ministry’s policies in addition to identifying the needs and facilitating the supply of necessary machinery and removing obstacles and resolving the current problems in view of national economic conditions;

      23.  Study and examination of recycling waste produced by processing units and acquiring the technical and technological knowhow required for mineral processing in order to use waste material that are technically or economically value-added;

      24. Study and examination of industrial and mining activities, technology for manufacturing engineering and innovation systems, mineral processing and preparing necessary reports on mining industries;

      25. Study and examination of executive obstacles and failures in relevant industrial units in cooperation with relevant specialized associations and offering necessary solutions for resolving their problems.

      26. Ongoing communication with scientific and academic centers and organs in the country and the world through participation in seminars, dialogue with university professors, translation of books and scientific articles, benefitting from modern technologies like the Internet for obtaining data and reviewing international magazines in order to use their knowledge and experience in policymaking affairs, including  transfer of technical knowhow in the scope of mining industries.


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