• Deputy of Industries’ Affairs

      Deputy of Industries’ Affairs

       Description of Tasks

      · Formulating general policies, plans and regulations of the industrial sector of the country;

      · Monitoring industrial activities in order to realize policies and plans of the industrial sector in the country;

      · Steering and supporting the development of technical and engineering services in the industrial sector of the country;

      · Making plans to establish industrial complexes in order to lay the foundation for the development of industrial activities in the country and helping regional development policies and distributing industrial projects across the country;

      · Making necessary cooperation in providing facilities and support and offering necessary guidance for domestic and foreign investment in industrial activities;

      · Cooperation in and contribution to policymaking for issuing establishment licenses for industrial units in compliance with all relevant regulations including environmental affairs, and providing necessary cooperation in the establishment of the aforementioned units in the country;

      · Making policies and formulating instructions for the issuance of permits for commissioning industrial units;

      · Studying and assessing industrial activities in order to evaluate the realization of outlined policies and plans, elucidate bottlenecks and offer necessary strategies for the purpose of realization of plans and their promotion;

      · Examining obstacles and suggesting strategies with the intention of boosting competitive and exporting capacity of industries;

      · Encouraging the contribution of specialized organs in making industrial policies and plans;

      · Providing proper ground for the development of cooperation between specialized industrial organs and offices and the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran and other relevant bodies for the purpose of revising, formulating and executing necessary standards, including quality control, environmental, health and management standards;

      · Examining, studying and providing motivating and incentive approaches for the purpose of developing applied research in order to enhance the technological and competitive capacity of production and industrial units;

      · Making necessary plans with a view to predicting and offering after-sales services for industrial products;

      · Cooperating in the formulation of instructions and regulations for determining proper customs tariffs and trade profit for the purpose of providing reasonable support for domestic production and making domestic industries competitive and also for cooperation in and contribution to formulating general regulations for imports and industrial sector’s imports;

      · Cooperating in the formulation of strategies for industrial development pertaining to relevant industries;

      · Cooperating in the formulation of mid-term and long-term plans for industries;

      · Coordination with other ministries, organizations and organs in the fields related to production affairs;

      · Providing necessary grounds along with planning for the purpose of identifying and transferring modern technologies and benefitting from technical and engineering services provided by domestic and foreign specialists.

       Affiliated Offices

      1.      Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

      2.      Textile and Clothing Industries

      3.     Automotive and Electromotive Industries

      4.    Chemical and Cellulosic Industries

      5.     Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industries

      6.     Metal Industries and Home Appliances

      7.       Electrical and Electronics Industries

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