• Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Office

      Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Office


       Description of Tasks

      1.  Examining and expressing views on plans, bills, laws, regulations and issues pertaining to relevant industries;


      2. Monitoring exporting status in order to remove hurdles on the way of development and facilitation of the export of commodities related to relevant industries;


      3. Suggesting increase or decrease in the trade profit, developing an eight-digit entry and correcting details of tariff entry for presentation to relevant authorities;


      4. Making periodical visits to production units in order to explore issues and problems related to production process based on regulations and informing relevant authorities about them if necessary;


      5.  Examining and expressing views about receiving and granting tariff preferences and discounts and examining industrial agreements with foreign governments;


      6.    Monitoring statistics on the manufacture of selected commodities and presenting them to relevant authorities;


      7.    Contribution to and cooperation with the Office of Statistic and Data Processing to examine and determine the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) codes for relevant industries;


      8. Motivating and encouraging relevant specialized bodies to cooperate in the formulation of supportive plans and policies for the industry and benefiting from their viewpoints in this regard;


      9. Examining and expressing views about the measure of consumption and the amount of raw material waste in order to levy customs tariffs and duties on commodities exported by relevant industries;


      10. Collaboration and cooperation with the Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran in formulating and revising standards related to products developed by relevant industries and international codex standards for food;


      11. Collaboration and cooperation with Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO) and relevant organs for efficient use of energy resources and reducing waste in relevant industries;


      12. Collaboration and cooperation with industrial associations and organs for the formulation of reconstruction and renovation plan for relevant industries and following up their approval and implementation (within the framework of the Comprehensive National Plan of Industrial Reconstruction and Renovation);


      13. Compiling and presenting specialized reports about relevant industries in order to provide an overview to relevant authorities;


      14. Interaction and cooperation with the Customs Valuation Office regarding the determination of base value for imports;


      15. Examining the possibility of issuing production certificate as per relevant instructions;


      16. Outlining priorities and offering necessary proposals to relevant authorities in order to provide the proper ground for the expansion of applied research activities with the purpose of boosting competitive capacity of relevant industries;


      17. Contribution to and cooperation in the process of selecting exemplary industrial unit within the framework of relevant instructions;


      18. Contribution to and cooperation in the process of selecting exemplary industrial unit, as well as exemplary research and development unit and product according to relevant instructions;


      19.  Contribution to and cooperation with specialized departments and other relevant authorities in determining priorities for investment in relevant industries;


      20. Participation in specialized meetings related to the field of activity of the office, including meetings of government and parliamentary committees, facilitating committee and, if necessary, other meetings;


      21. Cooperation with Iran Drug Control Headquarters and other relevant authorities regarding follow-up and monitoring of issues related to precursors of illicit drugs;


      22. Formulating a list and expressing viewpoint on capabilities of domestic manufacturing activities in relevant industries for submission to relevant authorities;


      23. Correspondence with relevant authorities for the resolution of issues and problems related to relevant industries;


      24. Handling other affairs assigned by the Office of Deputy Minister for Industries’ Affairs.

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