• Chemical and Cellulosic Industries Office

      Chemical and Cellulosic Industries Office

      Description of Tasks

      1.      Examining and expressing views about plans, bills, laws, regulations and issues pertaining to related industries;

      2.     Suggesting increase or decrease in the trade profit, developing an eight-digit tariff entry and reconsidering the description of tariff value;

      3.    Assessing and expressing views about the allocation of tariff preferences;

      4.    Monitoring statistics on short-listed products and reporting to relevant and qualified authorities;

      5.    Evaluating domestic manufacturing;

      6.    Taking advantage of the standpoints of specialized organs and associations regarding related affairs if necessary;

      7.    Evaluating and expressing views about the measure of consumption for the purpose of levying customs tariffs and duties on the export of domestically manufactured products;

      8.    Collaboration and cooperation with the Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran in the formulation and revision of standards for products;

      9.     Participating in the selection of exemplary industrial unit;

      10. Collaboration and cooperation with industrial associations and organs for the formulation of industrial reconstruction and renovation plan for industrial branches (within the framework of Comprehensive National Plan of Industrial Reconstruction And Renovation);

      11.  Compiling and presenting specialized reports about relevant industries in order to present a general image to pertinent authorities;

      12. Interaction and cooperation with the Customs Valuation Office regarding the valuation of basic imports value;

      13.Examining the possibility of issuing operation licenses as per relevant instructions;

      14. Follow-up on updating statements submitted by units subject to the regulations of the Chemical Weapons Convention;

      15.Cooperation with international inspectors within the framework of Chemical Weapons Convention;

      16.Suggesting priorities for research in related industries and cooperation in the selection of exemplary research unit as well as the exemplary product of the research and development unit;

      17. Contribution to determining investment priorities;

      18. Handling other affairs assigned by the Office of Deputy Minister for Industries’ Affairs.


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