• Electrical and Electronics Industries Office

      Electrical and Electronics Industries Office

      Description of Tasks

       1. Proposing proper customs tariffs in order to make domestic production competitive and provide reasonable support for domestic products and deal with relevant requests;

      2. Cooperation in and contribution to the formulation of general regulations for import and export of commodities, contribution to the formulation of necessary regulations for the examination of industrial agreements and tariff preferences with foreign countries, proposing relevant bills and bylaws if necessary;

      3. Motivating and encouraging relevant specialized organs and cooperation in the formulation of supportive plans and policies for the industry and benefiting from their viewpoints in this regard;

      4.  Analysis of statistics and data of related industries and reporting them to relevant authorities;

      5. Contribution to the formulation of different directives regarding the issuance of operation license and examination of import and export permits or the issuance of permits legally binding within the authority of the Ministry with regard to related industries;

      6. Collaboration with the Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran and other relevant bodies for formulating or revising necessary standards (in terms of quality, environment, health, management and energy consumption);

      7.  Contribution to necessary studies and surveys for efficient use of energy resources, reducing waste and offering solutions to industrial units for the recycle of wastes;

      8. Paying regular visits to related production units if need be for further familiarity, examination and handling requests;

      9. Formulating and submitting specialized reports about different sectors of industry in order to present a general image of the related industry and offering solutions for removing the obstacles with the objective of boosting the competitive and export capabilities and offering necessary proposals for macro-industrial policymaking;

      10. Collaboration and cooperation with industrial associations and organs for the formulation of industrial reconstruction and renovation plan for industrial branches (within the framework of Comprehensive National Plan of Industrial Reconstruction And Renovation);

      11.  Identifying technologies and relative advantages of successful units and exchange of information among interrelated industries for further familiarity with cutting-edge technologies;

      12. Following up obtaining moratorium for production units’ debts to the banking system and dealing with related issues;

      13. Handling other affairs assigned by the Office of Deputy Minister for Industries’ Affairs.


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