• Deputy of Management Development, Resources and Provincial Affairs

      Deputy of Management Development, Resources and Provincial Affairs

      Description of Tasks 

      1.     Determining policies and making executive plans related to human resources and welfare within the framework of policies and strategies of the Ministry and supervising all related affairs;

      2.     Supervising the process of affairs related to human resources, welfare and finance of the Ministry and taking care of ministerial offices with the purpose of accurate and prompt accomplishment of tasks and activities;

      3.     Enculturation and preparing the necessary ground for the realization of objectives and programs of the administrative reform plan at the Ministry;

      4.     Installing modern management systems and styles for enhanced management;

      5.     Conducting study and survey to make the necessary coordination for the structural reform of relevant organizations

      6.      Supervising the designing of suitable structure to improve the organizational structure of the Ministry;

      7.     Notifying organizational structure to subsidiary units and supervising its good implementation;

      8.     Consistent supervision over separation and assignment of duties based on the duties approved for all departments of the Ministry;

      9.     Taking necessary measures to expand the contribution of nongovernmental sector and reducing bureaucratic red tape;

      10. Enforcing necessary supervision for the purpose of developing administrative technology and implementing plans related to electronic government;

      11. Taking necessary measures for re-engineering, analysis and design of systems and methods of performing tasks;

      12. Examining issues related to the Ministry’s human resources as well as planning and defining policies for employing specialized and experienced manpower;

      13. Consistent supervision over the compilation and recording of staff statistics and updating it regularly;

      14. Formulating training programs for the staff  in cooperation with the Office of Vice President for Management Development and Human Resources and supervising their implementation ;

      15. Preparing necessary plans in order to further motivate the staff and supervise their welfare affairs;

      16. Compiling and formulating rules and regulations, resolutions, bylaws and statutes in effect at the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and related institutes in cooperation with other offices of deputy ministers;

      17. Planning and taking necessary measures to promote meritocracy in appointments and management and staff replacement planning;

      18. Conducting studies and examining policies and other decisions made at the Ministry and their notification to the provincial industry, mine and trade organizations;

      19. Presenting executive plans and offering appropriate proposals and carrying out inspections of provincial organizations with the purpose of coordinating affairs and receiving suggestions and resolving problems facing provincial organizations;

      20. Formulating, preparing, and submitting necessary plans for organizing conferences and gatherings related to the current issues of the industry, mine and trade sectors in the country;

      21. Supervising the offices of various assemblies and boards of companies and organizations affiliated with the Ministry and planning for interaction with other executive organs;

      22. Making direct contact with governors general and governors for coordination on the activities of provincial industry, mine and trade organizations, supervising the compilation and formulation of regulations and following up the budget share of the Ministry and its allocation;

      23. Participating in the meetings of delegates of the Iranian Privatization Organization for ceding the shares of affiliated companies and institutes in line with the policies of Article 44 of the Constitution.


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