• State Center for Tobacco Planning and Supervision

      State Center for Tobacco Planning and Supervision

      The State Center for Tobacco Planning and Supervision was established on October 2, 2012. This center was detached from the privatized State Tobacco Company by virtue of a decision adopted on July 17, 2012 by the Board of Ministers. The tasks assigned to this center are as follows:

      1. Issuing license for industrial and commercial agencies;

      2. Determining regions for planting tobacco in agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad;

      3.Arrangement of and supervision over the purchase of all products supplied by tobacco growers;

      4.Pursuing and following up on the smuggling cases related to tobacco commodities as the complainant organization and the body charged with collecting state revenues;

      5.Handling all affairs related to smuggling of tobacco commodities;

      6.Collecting state taxes and duties related to tobacco products and safety matches;

      7.The organization structure of this center currently includes a director, a deputy director and four groups (Smuggling Combat Group, Industrial Affairs Group, Tobacco Agricultural Affairs Group, and Commercial Affairs Group).

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