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        The list of Investment Priorities in the Industry, Mine, and Trade is codified according to the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade Plans, and is accessible at the MIMT portal for the honorable investors. (www.mimt.gov.ir)
        The investing capabilities of the I.R. of Iran are specified on the basis of Mineral Resources, Oil, Gas, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Young Capable & Professional Human Resources and the factors such as Low Price Energy Resources, Middle Asia & Middle East potential market access have made the investment feasible in Iran.
        Please notice the following points that might effectively contribute to successful investment.
        1- The necessity to export the products (at least 30%)
        2- The products should be competitive  
        3- To notice the Know-How & the capability of the product development by  investing in R & D units
        4- Investors can benefit from the advantages & incentives of the Foreign Investments Law. According to this law, foreign investors would enjoy the same treatment as the domestic ones (Common Features & Advantages)
        With regard to the above mentioned issues, Iran announces to cooperate with and support the foreign investors based on the following listed priorities:
        1- Foreign Mutual Investment
        2- Know-How Transfer and Developing the R & D
        3- Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
        4- Under-Brand Production
        5- Under-License Production  The followings are the seventeen major fields of the investment priorities with a detailed list including their ISIC Codes:
        1- Exploration 
        2- Exploitation
        3- Metals & Metallic Goods
        4- Non-Metallic Minerals
        5- Petrochemical 
        6- Chemicals
        7- Polymer      
        8- Cellulose
        9- Food Industry
       10- Drug
       11- Textile & Garment
       12- Electricity & Electronic Devices
       13- Metals & Household Appliances
       14- Machinery & Equipment
       15- Medical Equipment  
       16- Automotive & Driving Force
       17- Trade

      Deputy of Planning
      Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade


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