• Publish Date: 03 May 2016
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      We are interested in joint industrial investment with Malaysia

      Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade; "We are interested to receive foreign companies for making joint investment in Iran and export the joint products to other countries.
      We are interested in joint industrial investment with Malaysia

      Tehran (SHATA)- In his meeting with Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, Mr. Nematzadeh said Malaysia has good potential in various industries and Iran is ready for cooperation and joint investment in different projects. "We can achieve notable synergy should we share our capacities.

       Iran's Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade added that the two countries can cooperate in production of Halal food and export it to potential markets, as well as cooperation in other sectors such as Halal hotels and tourism.

      " We are interested in transfer of high technology and R&D cooperation between Iran and Malaysia.", added Mr. Nematzadeh.


      Refereeing to the high number of educated young population of Iran, he said that this should be regarded and utilized as the capital. "Our priority is to expand international relations especially with Asian countries", Nematzadeh said.


      During this meeting, Mr. Anifah Aman, Malaysian Foreign Minister, said that the two countries enjoy good relations and this should be reflected in economic ties between the two sides. "Malaysia has always been a friend for Iran and we are interested in reviving our long term relations and cooperation with Iran.




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