• Two sides emphasize on long term strategic relations and joint investment

      Stressed in a meeting between Iran's minister of industry, mine and trade and prime minister of Belarus:

      Two sides emphasize on long term strategic relations and joint investment

      Two sides emphasize on long term strategic relations and joint investment

      In his meeting with Belarus Prime Minister, Iran's minister of industry, trade and mine called for long term, strategic bilateral cooperation and joint investment.

      (SHATA)- Meeting with Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov at the 13th Iran-Belarus Economic joint Commission, Mr. Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh referred to good political relations between the two countries. "Considering the capabilities and capacities of two sides, the level of economic relations is not suitable and we should try to elevate this level", commented Mr. Nematzadeh.

      Mr. Nematzadeh assessed today's situation as different from the period of sanctions and said that the problems and barriers have been removed.

       The minister of industry, mine and trade went on to say that the target for trade exchange between two countries is 250 m$ and should preferential tariff be emplaced between Iran and Eurasia, this will greatly help elevate the level of cooperation.

      Mr. Nematzadeh welcomed the investments by Belarusian companies for production and assembly of industrial machinery and called on Belarus to support companies in order to get access to facilities considering the high prices of machinery.

      Mr.Nematzadeh also stressed on the importance of banking relations between two countries and added that Iran welcomes and supports further cooperation in this regard as well as expansion of scientific and technological cooperation.

      "Long term and strategic relations and joint investments stand among top priorities of I.R Iran's policies in extending relations with other countries and the roadmap we sign today can help companies the path for further cooperation between two sides.


      Referring to past and present cooperation between Iran and Belarus, Mr. Andrei Kobyakov said that the two countries have achieved good cooperation in educational and cultural issues; however, the level of trade exchange between two countries has fallen which is not at a proportionate level considering the potential and capacities of two countries. " We hope that with the removal of sanctions, the level of economic cooperation between two sides would increase and the roadmap will definitely help Iran and Belarus expand their relations", said Mr. Kobyakov.

      Belaus Premier went on to say that expansion of industrial export and after sales services to Iran is among Belarus plans and Belarusian companies are interested in making investments in manufacturing heavy trucks, mine and road construction and that they try to boost relation with Iran in other sectors.

      " At the moment, the amount of investment made by Iranian companies in Belarus is some $700 million which is made in industrial sectors, logistic, agriculture and products',  Mr. Kobyakov added.

      Referring to the 13th session of Iran-Belarus joint Economic Commission, Mr. Kobyakov said, "We believe cooperation between Iran and Belarus will grow higher in near future and there is no limitation on our side to boost cooperation with Iran." The Belarus premier also highlighted the significance of providing a more comprehensive list of import-exports for two countries.

      Mr. Kobyakov also welcomed further scientific and technological cooperation as well as enhancing banking relations between Iran and Belarus and called for expansion of bilateral ties under the framework of Eurasia union and its subsidiaries.



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